2016 Skoolbo World Cup Fun: John XXIII CPS


While we all continue to revel in the aftermath of all the Skoolbo World Cup excitement, we figured it was a good time to share some snippets of the sentiments and action on site – at our schools.

Many thanks to John XXIII Catholic Primary School  our 2016 World Cup Leaderboard topper – for sharing some wonderful thoughts as well as some fantastic snapshots of their students playing the tournament…


Dear Team Skoolbo,
This event is a highlight of our year, and we love the timing of it. The World Cup boosts the motivation of our students and keeps them engaged in learning right to the end. We are thrilled to have won two years running and have set ourselves the goal of passing half a million points next year!



“My students were so energetic and enthusiastic towards their learning for the duration of the World Cup.” (Teacher)

“This is awesome fun!” (Student)


“It is fantastic to see the team spirit that comes from our classes competing against each other. There is a lot of friendly banter, and the students encourage each other to do better.” (Teacher)

“It was great to compete with students on other continents. I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to see where we were placed as a class, school and country.” (Student)


Thank you, John XXIII Catholic Primary School, for sharing your experience with us! We’re so happy that Skoolbo and the World Cup add so much value and fun for your teachers and students!

At Skoolbo, we always welcome people to share their Skoolbo experiences through photos, videos and thoughts. After all, it’s your feedback that keeps us relevant and motivated, so keep them coming!

Weir State Takes Control

Queensland’s Weir State school take a healthy lead in excess of 20,000 answers into the home stretch this weekend! They have held off stiff competition from Melton South Primary, Holy Family and fellow Queenslander’s St Patrick’s Primary.

Skoolbo Leaderboard Weir State

Does this end the streak for St Patrick’s, who have topped the table for the previous three weeks or can they make another run for the title?

Or will we see a new challenger emerge?

It promises to be an exciting end to the week…

Go Aussie Kids Go!

Hat-trick for St Patricks

For the third week running, the pride of Bundaberg West, St Patrick’s tops the world leader board heading to the finish line (Sunday evening).

Their rich vein of form has seen them quickly surge pass 600,000 answers on a way course to join the Skoolbo One Million Club at an impressive improvement rate of 35%.

Skoolbo Leaderboard St PatricksClass 2L teacher Emma-Lee Lascelles discusses the impact Skoolbo has made in her classroom:

“We love skoolbo in our classroom. It is incorporated into everything we do. The biggest impact it has had is engaging ALL children into wanting to complete their homework!


They get so excited when they see they are versing another student from the classroom. I choose a skill for the week in both literacy and numeracy that I want the students to master. This skill relates to something that we have been learning in the classroom.


I find it so beneficial as I can see which students are struggling with being able to master the skill and I know I need to go back and have a small focus lesson with that child or group of students.


Parents (as well as myself) have been blown away by the students motivation to WANT to do their homework and they so look forward to literacy and numeracy rotations because of skoolbo!


Skoolbo is fanastic and I am so excited about how well it has taken off in our classroom.”

With over 2000 instances of skill improvement by 10% and 540 instances of improvements by 100% equals a very exciting time for St Patrick’s on Skoolbo.

Well done and keep up the great effort!

Go St Patrick’s Go!