Meet Skoolbo Secret Agent, James Cave

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James CaveMeet James Cave, a Year 3 student from Room 8 at Duncraig Primary School, Perth. To the untrained eye, James may appear to be just a regular student, but you’d be very wrong to think that! We like to call him Agent Cave, a Skoolbo secret agent who is highly skilled in the arts of literacy, numeracy and languages. You see, Agent Cave has been in intensive training over the last while to hone his abilities and improve his grades in school, jumping up an entire grade level from year 2! He also won a certificate for being the most helpful boy in class last semester and doesn’t want to stop there.

Agent Cave has started on the journey to learning Mandarin as a second language, so he can use it on his secret Skoolbo missions around the world! His proud mother, Susan, has told us that he has been able to do this with the help of Skoolbo’s Language Dragons feature and can speak quite a few different phrases so far, while always getting better. We’d love if he could teach us some Mandarin too! Agent Cave has also gone from the bottom to the top of his spelling group while vastly improving his reading abilities, so he can decode secret messages from Skoolbo Headquarters during his missions!

Throughout the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup, Agent Cave took down a phenomenal 3,625 questions on the way to helping Team Australia bring home the gold! Along with this, he finished in the top 0.3% in the WORLD on the students leaderboard and also the top 0.3% of students representing Team Australia. A truly fantastic achievement, Agent Cave, you can definitely give yourself a big pat on the back and know you’ve done a fabulous job for your country!

JC MAAgent Cave also has a keen interest in martial arts, just in case he has to fight off any bad guys on his missions! After seeing this picture of him in action, we’re pretty sure that we wouldn’t dream of messing with Agent Cave if we were the bad guys!




JC CWhen he’s not out completing Skoolbo missions, he loves to play sports and cricket is a particular favourite judging by this picture of him kitted out. You look ready to take on the world, Agent Cave!




Thanks to James’ mother, Susan, for letting us know all about her wonderful son. Susan, we know you’re super-proud and you most certainly should be! We’re absolutely delighted that Skoolbo has been able to play a part in James’ development so far and hope that we can play an even bigger part in the future!

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