Congratulations Gilgandra Public School on winning the Northwest NSW School Challenge!

Gilgandra PS winner

The Northwest NSW challenge has ended and we are proud to announce the lucky winning class! Congratulations goes to class Brumbies from Gilgandra Public School, Gilgandra NSW!

What an amazing challenge it was! The challenge, brought to you by Rotary, NSWRL and Skoolbo, saw schools across Northwest NSW go head to head to answer as many questions on Skoolbo and achieve as many personal bests to go into the draw to WIN tickets for the whole class plus parents to go to the State of Origin game one in Sydney.

During the course of the challenge, schools across the Northwest of NSW answered an astonishing 334,640 reading and maths questions and achieved a whopping 3686 personal bests! Great going!

The winning class Brumbies (years 5/6), were chosen out of the draw from over 3686 personal best tickets, which is a fantastic achievement! Well done to all! Studies have shown that 95% of children master a reading or math skill within 20mins on Skoolbo so everyone’s a winner when it comes to improvement!

We will be sending the whole entire class to State of Origin game one to be held in Sydney on the 1st June 2016. The lucky class with parents will also enjoy two nights accommodation in Sydney. We are so thrilled for them and know that they along with their community share the same excitement here are a few of the comments and great happy snaps class teacher Rebecca Rogers sent in from her classes.

“OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!” Georgia

“Are you for real, as if that happens, Really!!!”   Brielle

“I told you that those games were worth playing, awesome!!!!”     Tony

“Mum made me do my homework but I didn’t think it would pay off like this!”  Jack

“Thankyou to NSWRL and Rotary and Skoolbo for this once in a lifetime chance” Missy K.

“I am a huge footy fan, NSWRL are so cool for letting us do this, state of origin is a big deal!” Tyson

“I have seen Rotary so many times, I’ve eaten their steak sandwiches at lots of places and I can’t believe they are sending us to State of Origin”  Sarah

“This is an unbelievable opportunity for these kids.  Some would never have been to Sydney before let alone to see a major sporting event and they can have some valuable one on one time with their parent, amazing.”  Laura (Teacher)
“The people at Skoolbo are wonderful, I hope they realise how amazing this opportunity is for these kids.” Garry (Community member)
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